Sometimes more is not better, and when it comes to clutter, that is definitely the case. When it comes to decluttering, though, many of us cringe at the thought of sorting through all our stuff, and it could be tempting to hire someone else to take it on for you. However, you can DIY your decluttering without any angst. Here’s how to ensure the task is enjoyable and doesn’t drag you down.

Look on the bright side

Decluttering can take some effort. There is no denying that. There is much to gain from the effort though, so keeping the pluses in mind can be highly motivational. For instance, when you find things you’re ready to part ways with but those belongings still have life left in them, the second-hand economy is an opportunity to turn those unwanted goods into some spending money. And as Gumtree notes, it’s kind to the environment, keeps items out of landfills, and it gives others the chance to make affordable purchases.

Another option is to donate items to charity. There are several ways giving promotes your well-being, releasing feel-good chemistry in your brain, improving life satisfaction, and helping out your community. In fact, when it comes to mental benefits, having an uncluttered home offers many important perks, like reducing anxiety, promoting sleep, and reducing exposure to allergens. With all that to reinforce you, get ready to dig in!